termitesTermites are nature’s cleanup crew when it comes to dead wood in the forest. The problem occurs when they can’t tell the difference between the dead wood in the forest and the wood your house is made of. If there’s a crack bigger than 1/32 of an inch (the approximate width of a piece of paper) anywhere in between the foundation (basement, slab, or crawl space) and the home, termites can invade your home. Up to 12 termite colonies can be found per acre of land in eastern NC. That means each colony can house up to one million termites that are eating and looking for new food sources, such as your home, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The biggest problem is that you will most likely find the damage caused by the termites before you find the termites themselves. SO LET’S BE PROACTIVE and get them before they can get to your home.

ProForce, as with all of our other services, provides the best termite service in the industry. Through our research we have found that combining conventional spot treating with our comprehensive termite monitoring system will give you the peace of knowing that ProForce is protecting your home.

So how do we protect your home? Well, first we perform an inspection, which varies depending on the type of foundation you have. Then we install our early detection monitoring system. Just think of it as your own personal security guards standing watch around your home. Each station will be placed 10 to 15 feet apart. Once that is done, we will treat any areas that we deem necessary with Termidor. We inspect our monitoring system every 90 days, checking to see if any of the monitors have been attacked by termites. In the event that a station has active termites feeding on it we will introduce the bait matrix into the station. The bait matrix that we use is a “chitin inhibitor” which basically means that the termites can’t shed their skin when it becomes too small and the termite dies. Termites are social insects so once they come into contact with the bait matrix they spread it throughout the colony which, in turn, kills all of the workers, and at that time the queen dies, along with the colony. If a station gets termites in it, Proforce also takes our service a step further by liquid treating 10 feet on both sides of the infested station as added protection.