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Pest Control in Chapel Hill, NC

We don’t just want to get your bugs, we want to simplify your life, make your business more productive, and make your home a safer place to live. ProForce services the Chapel Hill and surrounding area.

ProForce is committed to exceeding your expectations!

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Mosquito Service

Our ProForce mosquito control is your way to start enjoying your property again.

Termite Service

ProForce, as with all of our other services, provides the best termite service in the industry.

Commercial Services

ProForce has industry leading experience focusing on the commercial market segments of pest control.

The ProForce Four Season Residential Protection Plan for Chapel Hill


  • 1. Inspection Before Every Service

    At ProForce, we bring our customers the highest quality of service in the industry. We do so by starting every service with a thorough inspection of your property. We will not only inspect the origin of your current problems, but we locate the nesting sites of problems that will arise in the future, and take care of them.

  • 2. Base Barrier

    We use a variety of pet and family friendly products. Depending on the season and the pest problem, our service professional will decide which of our base barrier products will best take care of your pests, then apply our guaranteed product all the way around the base of your home, preventing pests from using cracks and crevices as entry points into your home.

  • 3. Spider/Wasp Nest Removal

    Every service, our service professional will carefully sweep all 30ft or lower eaves on your home. Sweeping eaves is great for getting rid of the unsightly wasp nests or spider webs. The primary function of sweeping eaves is to prevent new bugs from using the eaves as an entry point into your home.

  • 4. Extended Yard Barrier

    At ProForce, we have gone above and beyond what our competitors have done. We have an agricultural license called “Ornamentals and Turf,” authorizing us to provide you with the protection you need.

    We start our yard barrier by granulating around the outside perimeter of your yard, keeping your neighbor’s bugs in their yard. We work our way toward your home, identifying and treating nesting sites such as shrubbery, shaded, and moist areas of your lawn. Giving you the opportunity to not only enjoy a pest free home, but a yard with much fewer pests.

    We also offer a mosquito treatment for the yard.

  • 5. Our Thorough Reporting

    Instead of leaving you with a door hanger that might blow away in the wind, get wet in the rain, or be thrown away by accident, we send you a very clean easy-to-read e-mail detailing the completed service and what products we used. Each e-mail will also give you access to your online customer portal, giving you the ability to see when upcoming services will take place, update your payment information, and leave us feedback.

  • 6. Our Guarantee

    If you see bugs between services, call us and we will return within 24-48 hours or at your earliest convenience to take care of the problem absolutely free of charge.

Why Choose ProForce Pest Control for Your Chapel Hill Property?

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Pests bugging you? Worry no more

Your home should be a place of comfort but pests can make this go incredibly wrong. Your peace is our top priority so we make it our business to ensure that pests don’t take it away from you. After a lovely day out, like at the North Carolina Botanical Garden, you’ll be sure to return to pest-free home.

We have team of experts who research and come up with the best treatments to do away with the pests at your house. Our technicians are also highly trained to identify and offer a plausible solution to your bug problem.

The Extermination Process

It involves three services that come as an extermination package inclusive of identification, extermination and monitoring.
1. Identification
Once you contract our services, our technicians start with inspection of your home to identify the pests. It is a thorough process that takes 20-30 minutes. Top-notch equipment such as UV light is used in the identification process. We then write a report about the state of your home and recommend the appropriate pest treatment.
2. Extermination
This process involves getting rid of the pests just as recommended at the identification bit. We strive to use the safest products to your family and also pets. The products we use range from natural to chemical. We use whichever product that has been established to be most effective.
3. Monitoring
Our technicians will visit you regularly all throughout the year to monitor the progress and recommend long-term solutions. This even includes pests that are rampant seasonally. Any suspicions of pests will be investigated and dealt with. Keeping pests at bay is not just a one-time occasion, it should be consistent.

Why Choose Us?

Our solutions to extermination are 100% backed by science so they are absolutely guaranteed to work. Our track record of satisfied customers further supports this. Our services are available to everyone living in Chapel Hill in areas such as Wexford Neighborhood, Briar Chapel, Sunset Creek, Southern Village, just to mention but a few.


5 Star Rating: Recommended

“Extremely satisfied with the service. Top notch professional and very personable.”

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